Time to invest in soft skills


Especially in the present world, people pay little attention to the segment of soft skill development. It is not that our generation is ignorant. The simple fact is that we have no will to put excessive effort.Unlike hard skills, soft skills have no relation with knowledge. It is directly linked to practice. Persistent effort is the only shortcut to master the sector of soft skills. Sadly, there is no shortcuts to this island, which is known for the huge treasure it keeps in its womb. In every employment sector, soft skills can make contribution. Whether you are an engineer, doctor or a farmer, it is crucial to put effort to develop your soft skills.

To define soft skills is simple. It can be anything from creative thinking, critical thinking and public speaking to professional writing and problem solving.Sadly, professionals often ignore this segment. The wilful ignorance is primarily because of their over confidence. They often feel it unnecessary to move beyond their comfort zone. In this scenario, they find it pointless to grow beyond their core skill – the hard skills they possess. It’s totally a misunderstanding. Until and unless this is reversed, no significant progress can be expected.Fortunately, the business sector has reversed their attitude lately. Now, they are more serious about soft skill development.

The change in the attitude towards soft skills is not accidental. There are many reasons to justify the aforementioned argument. The prime one is the change has been brought in gradually – not swiftly. It implies that the shift in the attitude is a part of the larger development, which has been gradually evolving for decades – or even for generations.Notably, more than the western world, the third world is struggling heavily due to the issue. It is as if something is making it difficult for the third world to perform as better as the west in the area of soft skills.

Where have the third world gone wrong? Education is the only element that can be blamed at this juncture. How far the third world education sector have manged to incorporate the study area of soft skill development?Each and every third world country should put their thought into the aforesaid question and try to come up with at least one convincing answer.Reversing the scenario is rather simple than we imagine. A better world is not too far. If we have a will, that destination is definitely accessible.

The business world, at present, does not have no other choice, other than coming up with creative programs to convince the workforce the importance of soft skills and to impart the skills. It is not going to be an easy task. Primarily, the stubbornness needs to be eliminated. It should be done forcefully, but to be executed softly. In future, once our education sector is properly revamped, the third world business world can reduce the level of pressure they exert in the area of soft skill development.Soft skills give additional strength to a person who enjoys some impressive hard skills. It allows him stand out from other who hold the same hard skills.

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