Understanding the concept of AI with EI


Nothing is there, more complicated or troublesome than human emotion. Firstly, it is something on which we have little control. Secondly, almost everything that has been done to tame emotion has failed miserably. Thirdly, the topic has remained unattended or ignored by technology for years.The advent of Artificial Intelligence is the reason that has encouraged technology to rethink its attitude towards emotion. It’s better late than never. Recently, few giants have come forward to invest on exploring emotion. The unexpected development has initiated a new set of discussions and deliberations over the highly sensitive topic.

Emotion is neither science nor psychology; neither is it materialism nor spiritualism. It occupies the mid-position between the two extremes – a safe distance away from both.To conquer emotion, it is not easy. A long walk through an unfriendly terrine is required. The walk is now inevitable. At any cost, this distance has to be covered. AI has reached a crucial point, from which it cannot move an inch until a significant advancement is achieved in the area of emotion. For AI, it is the most important stage of its growth, considering its enormous growth potential.One of the popular books of Americal journalist Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence is the first book, which explains the concept of emotion in the way Artificial Intelligence requires. It discusses various aspects of Emotional Intelligence extensively.

After this visionary person, many have come forward to throw more light over the concept. Not many have succeeded. To explain EI, it is simple. In simple terms, it is the capability to process emotions – in deeper sense, the ability to understand, use and manage emotions.Teaching AI to comprehend emotions is the first task. Once that is completed, the rest will be less complicated. Of the three, managing emotions is the one that can be easily done by AI. Nonetheless, it is of no use if the other two cannot be done in the way required.When discussed about emotion, it is important not to ignore to important names: Peter Salavoy and John Mayer. They are the first to introduce this term.Unlike Mr. Goleman, Salavoy and Mayer’s approach is more technical in nature.

The said statement explains that from any direction this topic can be addressed. Brilliance is when a balanced strategy is developed to address the concept deeply.AI with EI is future. If the things progress in the right direction, it is not too far.Meanwhile, it is crucial to have a right direction, a correct route map and a clear goal.Human beings are good at emotion. There is nothing wrong in aspiring for EI-powered AI. But it is foolishness to run blindly on to it. Though human beings are good at emotion, we know little about it. It is better to act calmly when it comes to injecting EI into AI.Research is the best solution that we can think of at this juncture. More researches need to be done in this area. The topic should be addressed from different angles.

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