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What I See In Your Eyes Is The Innocence Of My Soul. There is a popular saying that marriages are made in heaven – or marriages happen in heaven, not in the earth. Our search for the root of this saying would take us to the old spiritual scriptures, which are widely followed across the world. The said connection between marriages and heaven explains where does the element of sacredness – especially, the term of sacred relation – comes from. You may be wondering on what way the concept of marriage and the ideas surrounding the exciting concept is related to technology – especially, the discussions opened in connection with Metaverse.

A young couple are the real reason. Proudly, both of them are Indians. Some of you may have already realised where this article is going to lead you to.Few days ago, an unusual wedding function was organised in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It was arranged for Dinesh S P, who is a IIT Madras Project Associate and a tech enthusiast eager to learn and explore the possibilities offered by the modern technology, and Janaganandhini Ramaswamy.

Why it was a strange wedding? It is where the element of technology emerges. Unlike a normal marriage, it was organised in a virtual venue – the one created in Metaverse.The advanced thinking helped them to easily overcome the imposed restrictions, and allowed them to ensure the participation of all their friends and family members. Surprisingly, not less than 3,000 people participated in the virtual event. Though the couple only expected the invited guests, many strangers, who were eager to be a part of a revolutionary event, joined the two-hour function.

In fact, it was the country’s first Metaverse wedding. Another interesting thing about the wedding was that it had a magnificent theme, which enabled them to experience how was it like to spend few hours in Hogwarts school as it was a Hogwarts-themed wedding function. For the guests, it was a golden opportunity to experience the dream world popularised by Harry Porter Series.In every sense, it was a gift. Both the hosts and guests benefitted equally. For the hosts, the event helped to achieve their dream of bringing all their best persons in a single platform to bless them in their best day. For the guests, it allowed them to be a part of a revolutionary event and to experience their dream land.

The overwhelming participation during the event indicates that the element of curiosity worked well and the same is likely to encourage people to move ahead with more experiments with Metaverse.What the concept of virtual world introduces is an ocean full of opportunities.What the aforesaid event proves is that it has a powerful social angel and its social potential is far more impactful than its industrial potential.Virtual offices, virtual official meetings, virtual presentations and other industrial applications are just a drop in comparison with its ocean of potential.In education, entertainment and social intervention, it may do wonders.

Once the gears needing to enjoy this service flawlessly becomes economical, it will transform the world forever, and eliminate the narrow line that separates the digital world and the real world.Just like what Mark Zuckerberg, through his actions, indicates, the future is nothing else, but Meta – Metaverse.Those who fail to recognise this reality face the risk of being crushed under the wheels of the chariot that leads the triumph of Metaverse. It’s unlikely for any company to take such a risk. In the world of technology, the only thing that matters is ‘being the leader of the next big change’.“The Metaverse is finally here. It’s not only transforming how we see the world, but also how we participate in it.”

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