Brilliant Transition to ‘Intelligent Government’


Creating a modern society is almost impossible without showing enough enthusiasm to explore the tremendous possibilities of the advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence.The east is definitely far better than the west at this juncture, when it comes to exploring the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence.Thanks to China for the ambitious policies that they have created to promote the futuristic technologies such as Artificial Intelligence.For last few decades, China has been aggressively promoting all the firms engaged in developing the advanced technologies. Though their policies, they have extended a strong helping hand to the companies. The support has been provided in the form of financial resources, infrastructure and other important resources.

In the year 2017, the People’s Government of China established its ‘New Generation AI Development Plan’. It was a highly ambitious plan intended to make a huge difference in the way that the government functioned.To become the AI superpower by the year 2030 is the prime ambition of the Asian country, which has been enthusiastically investing in the platform of Artificial Intelligence and other related technologies for last few years.The Covid-19 outbreak brought the plan to a brief halt. The financial pressure exerted on the Chinese economy by the pandemic forced the government to slow down the pace of the progress of its AI plan.

As the economy is slowly recovering from the injuries inflicted by the disease outbreak, the pace of the plan is softly increasing.The Chinese AI plan primarily has three layers. The first one is the ambition to match its performance with that of the leading powers in the west such as the United States of America, Germany, the UK and France. The second one is the aim to become the prime AI innovator. The third – the final – is the to vision to be the ultimate AI superpower.The plan may sound unachievable. But the Chinese government is very serious about achieving the plan. Its actual strength is the detailed route map created to fulfil the plan.

The Chinese framework is a bit different from the western system, where the business sector is almost completely independent from the government framework. Unlike the west, in China, the business sector and the government framework are closely linked – in other words, totally interconnected.It implies that it is difficult for the west to insist its business sector to pursue a specific direction.China in that sense has an advantage. They have a clear influence over their business sector. They don’t allow their business sector to work independently, and, thus, make sure their business sector strives to comply with the plan the government upholds.

The reference does not imply that the world should adopt the Chinese approach.Nonetheless, certain elements of the aforementioned approach can be adopted – especially its decentralised approach.As per the Chinese government’s decentralised approach, each state should formulate its own AI policy. According to the government, every state should come up with a detailed roadmap to support the policy.Several states like Beijing have already made an impressive feat in this area.

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