Connecting for greater good


So much difference has been brought to this world by the magic of technology. Walking towards a new future, it is the biggest strength we possess.When internet was initially introduced, we felt surprised to know about its enormous possibilities. A long distance has been walked from that stage. Now, internet is no longer a surprising factor.The beauty of technology is its insatiable hunger for evolution. Technology thinks of evolution every moment.Internet of Things is the talk of the hour. Already, a lot of discussions are happening around this topic. What exactly is IoT? It is actually fun.

Imagine every device in your home – from your oven to your washing machine – remains connected to a IoT platform, from where everything can be operated and from where every operation can be analysed and monitored. Don’t it sound interesting. Not only is it fascinating to hear, but also it is futuristic to implement. Have you ever come across any home appliance that can be connected to internet? You may have come across many. Now, in every home, we have smart televisions, smart air conditioners, smart washing machines and many more similar appliances.

To understand the IoT concept better, it is crucial to learn a little bit more about its analytic potential. It is where the actual key lies – where the actual strength of the concept rests.Imagine you are a heart patient and have a strict exercise plan to follow. Your IoT platform which is connected to your sports wearables measures everything concerned to your heart health from your heart beat and blood pressure level to the calories that has been successfully burned out.It is not the end. It is just the beginning. The potential of IoT is not limited to those that has been discussed already. It is like an ocean – the unexplored is always larger than the explored.

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