The unattended hunger for equality


“To give so much and yet to discover that in giving you can make such a difference in someone else’s life. It is about love. It is about giving and receiving equally.”Tens of Thousands of lives have been Scarified at the altar of protest.Millions are still fighting impatiently. Still, equality is a distant dream – an unrealistic one. My hunger for equality represents The helpless whisper of the silenced souls.Though her only contribution is restlessness,I love her for what she reflects.To define equality is not easy. If we go by the popular definitions developed for the research purpose, we will reach nowhere.The popular definition is: the right of different groups of people to have a similar social position and receive the same treatment.

The definition looks great. Does it embody the concept entirely? That is largely doubtful. By simply defining equality as a mere right, its actual essence is ignored. Equality is much more than a right. It is actually a natural law. Look around. Can you point anything that contradicts this natural law? Definitely, you can’t. Nature represents equality. There is no surprise that all the successful philosophies introduced in the world convey their support to the natural law. Interestingly, none of those philosophies denouncing the law have survived the test of time. Almost all of them have been left to rest peacefully in the graveyard of losers.

Our past is our best teacher. No one can teach us better than our past. What we have learned from the past determines how you handle your present. You might have come across equality many times in the past. Can you remember how many times you have come across this term? The action will defiantly leave you surprised. You will achieve an unbelievable realisation that you have confronted this question at least ten times more than the assumption reached before the commencement of the process.

Why have not yet we bothered to act, then? The problem is we don’t have a realistic view about equality, but only have an ideal one.Primarily, we have to recognise equality as a natural law, and have to do away with the assumption that it is just a mere right.To recognise a right, an authority is required. In the case of a natural law, such a requirement does not exist. Our thought process needs to be revamped. Its natural horizon should be expanded further to accommodate new insights. Our present horizon lacks the free space to bring in the new elements.

Establishing equality as a natural law means recognising it as a part of the common value framework.Our value framework is a part of our thought structure. Our action is the expression of our thinking, and so is the expression of our value.Once equality is recognised as a part of our value framework, it will create a huge impact on our action. Not only us, but also the entire world can benefit from the proposed development.It is foolishness to assume that the change in attitude can be implemented as soon as the suggestion is welcomed. In reality, it may take years or even decades.

What it requires mainly is patience. And, other major requisites are commitment and persistence.From poverty to violence, every negative phenomenon we experience explains why our generation should not hesitate to think more deeply about equality.In the past, wealth redistribution was a major action plan. From our experience, we know how aimless the plan was. It has created unnecessary problems in the society. The disturbance it triggered are yet to be settled.We don’t want the repetition of the same mistake. The focus should shift from the outside to the inside – from the platform of implementation to the platform of formulation.

To create the suitable condition for change, our mind should accept equality completely as one of the key elements of its foundation. Do you still think poverty and other expressions of inequality are just physical in nature? To maintain such a thinking patter is like ignoring the real factor from which all the expressions of inequality originate.The evil is our mind. All the expressions are thoughts before it attains its physical form.If we don’t think through the glass of equality, there is no way we can express equality.

Let’s consider poverty. As all of us know, it is an expression of inequality. It’s a haunting reminder that a natural right is denied to a sector of our population.All of us know poverty exists. What have we done so far to address this dangerous expression of inequality? The problem is that we fear to let our mind act in accordance with its natural instinct, as we remain blindly attached to our comfort, and least bothered about anything beyond.
The moment we allow our mind to follow its natural character, we see our outside transforms in line with our inside – we see the spirit of equality flows from our thought to our reality.

Ignorance nourishes inequality.

Knowledge feeds equality.

In the world of comfort naturally

Ignorance is preferred over knowledge.

“Justice have always evoked ideas of equality, of propotion of compensation. Equity signifies equality. Rules and regulations, rights and righteousness are concerned with equality in value. If all men are equal, then all men are of the same essence, and the common essence entitles them of the same fundamental rights and equal liberty. In short, justice is another name of liberty, equality and fraternity.”

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