Life-long learning: The key to success and career growth


Sadly, our thoughts regarding education are not broad enough. Still, it is aggressively battling its limitations. Our society sits at the vulnerable side. A change is extremely inevitable.What requires to be transformed is our attitude towards the concept of life-long education.He, who shamelessly remains ignorant about the concept, simply promotes the wrong version of the concept.It is high time to achieve a modernistic approach – the one which is more advanced and more futuristic.Life-long learning, as a concept, is not a new idea. It is a familiar one. It was here; it is here and it will be here.

How people see this concept? How this society views this concept? Both are crucial questions. Definitely, both needs to be addressed properly.Interestingly, both, though sounds similar, are, in reality, different. The former explains the individual level scenario, while the latter deals with the collective level scenario.The attitude of the business sector towards the idea of life-long learning naturally falls under the wings of the latter.
Like the society, the business sector also loves the concept. The growth of the business sector depends primarily on the commitment the workforce assures towards continuous learning.

Continuous learning and life-long learning are similar. The point, which differs the former from the latter, is the element of compulsion. In the first case, what compels a person is his goal – may be, a short-term goal like better performance or may be, a long-term goal like career growth. In the second case, what compels a person is his inner calling for knowledge. Generally speaking, the latter is far more relevant when it deals with business.

The latter is an attitude, while the former is a strategy.Having an impressive attitude of learning is definitely better than adopting a strategy for a reason.Hiring a person having an insatiable hunger for knowledge is nothing less than a perfect hire. A person with a hunger of knowledge means a person who is ready to put him brain on anything that he confronts. Definitely, it’s the right attitude that every company looks for.

Without innovation, a company is a big zero. To innovate, we need an innovative mindset. That mindset can only be seen in those having the quality of life-long learning (or, those living with an insatiable hunger for knowledge.)
“Knowledge is the true strength of any society. Investing in knowledge means investing in us.”

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