IoT in Healthcare: Efficacious Solution For Diabetes Management


“So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health.”

Health is wealth. Only those know the value of health understands the relevance of the question ‘how important it is to develop an efficient heath care system’. Every society spends billions yearly for healthcare. Sadly, due to the lack of clear vision and focus, a good per cent of this investment is wasted. It is essential to install an efficient healthcare framework. Especially when the framework is supposed to deal with the life of people, it’s crucial. Seeking the assistance of technology is the best way to bring in more efficacy to the framework. What naturally comes with technology is efficiency, precision and transparency.

By now, technology has introduced numerous ideas capable to be used for healthcare. Among them, one of the latest ones is Internet Of Things.With IoT, each and every thing that can be automated will be automated. Some of the important applications of IoT have already been discussed in some articles published in the same forum – Valuing Life Website. One among them is the one developed to discuss how IoT can be used to eradicate hunger from this world – which, in fact, goes well with the noble dream of Valuing Life. To know the idea better, it is good to go a bit deep into a specific application. Not any other area would be as helpful as glucose monitoring or diabetes management to make a closer look at how much difference IoT can bring in the area of healthcare.

In this world where we live in, at least one in ten adults is a diabetes patient, who requires a strong glucose monitoring framework. In no way, it can be an exaggeration – if someone things it is, he much be one who carries a false confidence about his health, which is, in reality, highly harmful and disastrous. Some of the high-profile research documents discussing the impact of diabetes in the society back the aforesaid statements strongly. Some reports even suggest more fearsome statistics. Let’s not move too deep into it. There is no use in creating panic, especially when our intention is something different. What we need is a solution, not a fear element offering disturbance and dismay.

Fortunately, IoT offers an intellectual continuous glucose level monitoring system. Eversense and Freestyle Libre are among the popular products offering the said services. Most of them have already earned good feedback for the accurate manner in which they handle the task of monitoring. The beauty of the monitoring framework they offers is it sends live updates to the smartphone or other similar devices of a user and also shares the same with those the user prefers – may be his doctor or his close relatives or both.If said correctly, it is more like a lifestyle management system. It can point out some of those areas whether we need to pay more vigilance and also help to identify those we should avoid – especially those habits, majorly food habits.

From a doctor’s perspective, it is far more informative than a normal medical report, as it shares real time data.
Interestingly, the same possibility can be expanded further. What Insulin Pen provides is an improved version of the same application. This advanced medical device links intellectual glucose monitoring and insulin injection. It allows to identify the right amount of insulin dosage. In the near future, the activity will certainly become an area where no human intervention or attention is required and may even become something like a natural activity.
It’s just the beginning. Do you really think the said is the only area where this amazing idea can be executed?

“If you think that the internet of has changed your life, think again. The IoT is about to change it all over again,” says a famous quote. Likewise, if you think you have already witnessed everything IoT can do, you’re wrong, you are about to witness much more in the near future itself.To begin with, why can’t we try the same with blood pressure management, heart care management, cholesterol management and blood oxygen level management.What Eversense, Freestyle and Insulin Pen represent is the leading flag of a new revolution, which the healthcare sector is going to witness in the coming years – certainly within the time frame of ten to twenty years.The Beginning Always Indicates How Glamours The End Will Be. Let’s Hope For The Best.

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