Investing in Digital Real Estate


Undoubtedly, real estate is a highly lucrative business. No one disagree to the said point. Those, who know the value of land, simply can’t denounce this straight argument.Investing in real estate is a popular investment strategy. Many – especially the giants – have benefitted hugely from the investment. Billions have been amassed by the investors as profit so far. In the future also, the attitude towards this sector is likely to remain the same. No change is expected to occur. The element that strongly justifies the aforesaid argument is the present trend.

Interestingly, in the recent past, a new trend emerged in the sector. It was facilitated by the advent of blockchain and cryptocurrency. It is popularly known as Digital Real Estate.The digital is far different from the real. Digital real estate primarily offers two options.Fractional ownership of real estate is the popular one, and follows the working pattern similar to that of the real, though is not exactly the same as that of the traditional.
It provides the opportunity for split ownership, and so is a very brilliant investment plan. Using this option, even with a limited capital backing, you can invest in a property.

The second option is the most interesting face of digital real estate. In the second one, it deals with the virtual world.Metaverse – the one developed by Meta – is the most popular one. The value of the platform has increased tremendously since Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg renamed his company as Meta and asserted his commitment towards the ambitious project of creating an advanced virtual world.Metaverse are parcels of programable land where people can socialise, sell NFTs, attend meetings, organise concerts, play games and do numerous other virtual activities.

Already, several business giants for variety of purposes have ensured their space in the platform.It’s not the only platform available. There are plenty more, such as Decentraland and Cryptovoxels. Though each is unique, the basic character is the same.To realise the actual potential of digital real estate, the below mentioned statistics can help.As per a data published in influencermarketinghub, the market value of Metaverse, which crossed $47.69 billion in the year 2020, is expected to tough $828.95 billion in the year 2028.The same data says that the average price of one parcel in Metaverse has raised from $1,256 to $12,684.

Nonetheless, the platform is not completely risk-free. As it is fuelled by cryptocurrency, which is a highly fluctuating digital money, it’s extremely susceptible to unexpected collapse.In a blink of an eye, everything can disappear. Likewise, in a fraction of a second, a huge fortunate can be made.While preparing to invest in this platform, an investor must be ready to experience either of the two. Unlike the traditional option, in this one, there is nothing called the safe space – or the balanced platform.Notably, the risk element has not stopped the big players to enter the platform. If they can risk their future, everyone aspiring for achieving big should be willing to go through the same.

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