In The New World, In The Avatar Of Our Choice


It sounds unbelievable. Can such a thing ever happen? At this stage, it is almost impossible to come up with a convincing answer to the aforesaid question. Yet, one thing is clear the world is about to witness something unusual and it is going to change the way we interact with the society – our interaction with our society; with our friends; with our family; with our colleagues; and even with our partners.Rebirth is always a topic of extreme curiosity. We always love to discuss this topic. Many books discussing the topic are available in the market, and most of them are hugely successful in terms of sales, content and popularity. What makes the topic interesting is the element of curiosity, which remains attached to this.

Till recently, it was the area of spiritualists. Materialists, except those working on certain complicated areas connected to psychology, such as parapsychology, until recently was least interested in the topic.It was the virtual games, which brought in the initial indication. It showed how beautiful it was to achieve a brief escape from the actual world. Some of the virtual games created using the concept attracted many, especially youngsters, and amassed a huge amount of money.Facebook was the first tech company who openly confessed that they were serious about exploring the idea of virtual world.

They even renamed their parent company as Meta, indicating their commitment towards developing Metaversa, the digital world they wished to develop.Though Facebook had to go through a tough time due to the abrupt decision, they are less likely to stray away from the direction chosen. When a company like Facebook, which is one of the most successful tech companies in the world, is moving aggressively towards the ambition of creating a virtual universe for humanity or a digital universe for human beings, will other companies stay away from the race. Definitely, they will not. Though not many have come up with such an aggressive stand as Facebook, in the near future, many acclaimed companies are likely to jump into the race in a bid to ensure that they remain relevant and futuristic.

Metaversa, as a concept, is very young, and so is not well developed. The concept, in reality, has many layers. It offers a wide variety of services – most of them, of course, sounds unrealistic. Can you believe if someone says that in the future, with Meta, you will not have to step out from your home to visit a movie with your friends or visit a party/restaurant/park with your friends and everything can be done while staying in the comfort of our home? How far is it believable to you if someone says that in the future, with Meta, you will not have to step out from your home to meet your clients to make your presentations or to join your colleagues to discuss your work developments, and these can be done while enjoying the comfiness of your bed?

Exactly, it is what Meta has for us as a starter. With virtual shopping centres, NFT halls, and virtual workplaces, the main course is much more startling.Meta is where the reality of materialism and the imagination of spiritualism meets. Therefore, it is the first step towards a great merger the world is going to witness in the near future.No other fuel is needed for innovation if the merger of reality and imagination is achieved. Though sounds unrealistic, what Meta shows is the opposite dimension of the possibility.Is it the new beginning? Why can’t it be?

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