Cultivate Happiness Habit


No one hates happiness, everyone loves it. In a sense, almost everything we do is motivated by the desire to reach this pleasant destination of emotion.Buying beautiful things, going to restaurants, and planning trips, everything, literally, is motivated by this only desire. We even see seeking love and seeking possessions as the ways to bring more happiness. Do you think your understanding about happiness is one hundred per cent right? Not necessarily! Sometimes these pursuits make us happy, and sometimes they don’t. The little-known secret is that happiness comes from within not from external sources. Only he who understands this secret is wise. The moment this secret is understood, the cloud of darkness disappears and the bright ray of brightness appears.

No one can decide your level of happiness, except you. One important thing is to cultivate awareness. It is important to avoid thoughts don’t deserve happiness. That is a crucial part of entering the realm of happiness.
Are you the one who see happiness as something that resides in future? Then, you are nothing more than another fool. Only fools can act in such a way.Happiness is simply a matter of choice. You are the one who can decide whether you want happiness or you want sorrow. Though involuntarily, the strength to choose is not anywhere else but in your own hand.

It may sound insane. But it is a reality – the hard reality which is difficult to comprehend. You have the freedom to think ‘I have many problems and I cannot be happy’, and at the same time you have the power to think ‘I am very strong, and no problem is strong enough to hurt the happiness in me’. Sadly, most find the former more realistic. And, many consider the latter as too ideal to achieve.

The truth is that problems have no relation with happiness. You can be happy even in the middle of problems. Happiness is a choice. If you choose happiness, it will give a positive attitude to face your problems. The moment it is ignored, you simply embrace a negative to fight another negative. It is simply impossible. Detachment is an important key. Happiness does not depend on circumstances, actually.

Surely, circumstance can affect how you feel, but only if you let them. If you gain a state of mind where your happiness has no connection with your circumstances, you can achieve a noble state of mind, which is equivalent to ultimate happiness. It is true that it is not an easy thing. It may take years to untangle this. But still an attempt can be made at least to understand it.

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